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Goren Cushion Cover - Set of 2 Pcs

Rs. 399.00

Abstract Cushion Cover in Cotton - Set of 2 Pcs

* Material: 100% Cotton 20's Sheeting
* Perfect Cushion Covers For Your Home: Contrast Living Cushion Covers are designed to elevate the look of your space. These cushion covers get an attractive floral print which beautifies the room and adds an element of elegance to it.
* Made For Durable Cotton Fabric: These cushion covers are made from a durable fabric that does not wear out easily. This fabric also has a very soft texture to it which ensures a sound sleep at night.
* Comes With An Eye-Catchy Floral Design: These cushion covers have a unique floral design printed on them which adds some style to your home decor. This floral design not only makes your cushions look beautiful but also enhances the color scheme of that space.
* Easy To Clean: A highlighting feature of these cushion covers is that they are machine washable. This ensures that you can clean them on a regular basis without much effort.

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