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Wild Bushes- The Bud (Frame Size - 26” * 18”, W - 20 MM)

Rs. 4,500.00

SKU: AWA 101
The Bud is the reiterations our doodles on cloth, and the beginning of our collection- Wild Bushes. This contemporary piece of art is hand embroidered in the Aari technique. It’s an old technique of embroidering on fabric with minute chain stitches and others, modifications of the same. It is a fully composed piece in stark green and grey combination. An item that is bound to catch attention in your homes and offices.

The Collection Wild Bushes is an abstract representation of groups and communities, almost anything that exists in collections. These very intricately embroidered pieces have an almost painting like look. Very stable textures, mark of perfect workmanship. The colours used are all very contrasting and pop, one subtle way of talking about diversity and how maybe contrasts can be harmonious too.

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